Car Trouble || Billie & Dean

There was no radio anymore. Billie thought about how there was going to no more music ever made. And it really sucked because she was named after a song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. But, there was CDs. Billie put in AC/DC in the cd player. She was exploring new music because, why not? The world was a fucking shit storm. She had been driving since Kentucky, which is where she was from. The roads were horrible. It was either crowded with zombies or cars that were just left there. 

Billie had finally made it into the city. Kansas City. It wasn’t far from where she was from, but still, it was further than nothing. At first, Billie felt bad for killing zombies because she had hope for a cure. They were humans in ways. It was just a disease. There had to be a cure. Weeks went by with nothing. It was only when her mom got bit that things turned for the worst. At first it started out as a fever and then things cascaded downwards. It ended up with Billie tying her to the bed, hoping for a cure. But when nothing came and her mom’s body started rotting away; Billie didn’t have a choice. 

So here she was, a few weeks later and traveling. Billie got a nervous look on her face when she she felt the car jerk. Then the steam from under the hood alarmed her. Finally, her face fell and curse words escaped her mouth when the car finally halted to a stop. “sonofabitch.” She yelled, hitting the steering wheel. Billie got out of the car and went to the hood. She lifted it, using the stick to keep it up. She coughed as the steam got in her face, waving her hand. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She said with a sigh. 

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